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Advance Nursing
Health service management & Planning
Primary Health Care Nursing
Acute care nursing
Anaesthetic and recovery room nursing
Child family helth nursing
Childrens nursing
clinical management
clinical teaching
critical care nursing
Diabetese education & Management
Neonatal Nursing
Perioperative Nursing
Nursing Research
Human Physiology for Nursing
Effective communication in Helth care relationship
Fundamentals of nursing
Patterns of knowing in nursing
Medical/ Surgical Nursing
Helth Behaviour Change
Social Sciencen perspectives on health & illness
Human Biosciences
Current services in aboriginal Health
Comparative Indigenous health
Mental Health Nursing
Nursing Therapeutics
Denelopmental disability Nursing
Community Development nursing
Health & Human ecology
Management in nursing
Professional Nursing
Research in indigerous health
Continuing, Rehabilitative & Palliative care nursing

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