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General Questions

Why choose us?

Highest possible quality original assignment completed by qualified and experienced teachers and writers. We charge lowest prices for highest quality work. We also provide full support to students through writers and trained executives.

What type of services are available from you?

We provide exhaustive writing services to provide academic help to students at all levels. These include assignment writing help:- dissertation, research papers, term papers, homework, coursework, literature review, thesis writing help, MBA projects, and writing help in all subjects.

Can you explain the standard of writing practiced by you?

We have experienced writers who make sure that writing is done in the manner appropriate to the academic standard or level required by the student.

Can I trust your service?

We have been providing invaluable help to student community through our writing service for a very long time now. We have a long list of satisfied students who have received good grades from their teachers because of our help and support. We have carved a niche for ourselves in the field of writing services and students know they an rely on our help. All this indicates that students can have complete trust in our ability to help them.

Do you reuse work written for a student?

No. Work done for a student becomes his property and it is not used again to lend help to any other student. Our work is exclusive and original for every student.

Do I get a chance to interact with the writer?

No. We do not allow students to talk directly to their wtiers as it is against our policy. However, students can convey their messages to their writers through a customer care executive and also receive their replies.

When is the work done for students deleted?

Work done by us for students remains in their account and our system for a period of one year after which it is deleted.

Support questions

Can I get support on phone?

Yes, you an talk to a customer care executive any time you want on our telephone line. Our line remains open 24 hours a day.

Do you really complete work in just 2 hours?

Yes, it is possible to receive completed assignment in just 2 hours. However, you have to pay premium rates to receive urgent help with your work.

Do you do my assignment even if my subject does not show in the list displayed on your website?

It is possible that your subject may not be there in the list of subjects displayed on our website as it is based upon subjects that are common and popular. But we will do your assignment no matter what your subject.

Is there an expert for every subject at your disposal?

Yes, we do have experts on each and every subject. In fact, we have a huge team of more than 3000 PhD’s and writers to cover the work given by our students.

Privacy questions

Do you have a privacy policy?

We have a very strict privacy policy under which we keep the details and personal information provided by students in tight security. This information is never shared with a third party under any circumstances.

Do you also provide refunds?

Refund is given only in the case where a student fails. This refund is possible only if the student submits proof of his failure to us within 31 days of receiving his completed assignment from us. No request for refund is entertained after this time period. The amount of refund is 50% of the money paid by the student as the remaining is used to make payments to writes and we cannot get it back from them. We remove such writers from our service.

What if I want a revision?

We provide revisions free of cost to students but request for revision must come within 31 days of completed assignment.

Service questions

Do you write on any topic?

Yes, we cover any topic under the sun with the help of thousands of experts at our disposal. If you have any doubts, you can confirm your doubts by contacting us through mail or chat.

What about plagiarism?

All assignments done by our experts are well researched and original. They are dne from scratch and none of the previous assignment is consulted by the writers.. So there is no question of any kind of plagiarism.

What time frame is given for an assignment?

It depends upon the subject matter and the number of words/pages required by the student. However, our writers work hard to make sure that all deadlines are met strictly.

Is it legal and ethical to receive help for assignment?

Most students seek assistance from private tutors to catch up with other students in their class. It is a fact that all students are not created equal and some need help from teachers to do well in academics. Iur help broadens knowledge base of the students and also enables him to complete his assignment.

Do you also appear in online exams on behalf of students?

Yes we do provide this service once the students gives us samples of type of questions asked in the exam and also pays us in advance before the date of his exam. We need his login ID and password to be able to sit in the exam on his behalf.

Is paraphrasing done by your writers in assignments?

Yes, they do resort to paraphrasing at times but it is not considered as plagiarism.

Payment questions

Do you ever provide any discount?

Yes, discounts are given by us but only when an offer is going on.

What are the payments methods accepted by you?

We accept payments made through PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, and Western Union

In UK, we accept payment in GBP. It is USD in U.S. However, we do accept payments in currencies like SGD, AUD, and NZD.

Is it possible to make payment in parts?

Yes, you can pay in parts but it is necessary to pay 50% of the fee in advance. Rest of the amount can be paid after receiving the assignment. Exception can be made when the order exceeds amount of $400-500. But in such cases, we do only as much work for which the client has made the payment. We do more work only when he pays up the rest of the amount.

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