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  • If you change your mind after giving an order, you can cancel the order before we have assigned a writer to it. You can use the same money to place another order. Once a writer has been assigned to a project, you cannot cancel the order. This is because the writer receives remuneration for the work he is supposed to do for you.
  • If you receive two receipts from either or meaning you were charged twice for the same assignment, please forward us these receipts to get a refund from us. We shall issue a refund as quickly as possible.
  • We strive to assign the best possible writer to every request for assignment from students. If however there is no writer available to do your work, we promise to do your next assignment free of cost.
  • Provide full details of requirements for a paper before placing the order. If a revision is required and it reaches you after the expiry of deadline, we will increase the quality of work to make sure teacher does not lower your grade as penalty.
  • We have a policy of 100% satisfaction of students. This means we continue to improve the assignment until it meets the expectations of the student. However, request for revision is entertainment only till 31 days from the receipt of an order. No refunds are allowed if a student is not happy with the quality of work and 31 days have passed.
  • We promise to refund 50% of your payment in case you get an F grade in your assignment. We cannot offer revision to help you in such a case if 31 days have already passed.
  • We do not have a cash refund policy except when you are charged twice for the same assignment. However, we promise to do an assignment free of cost for the student if his claim is genuine.
  • If your claim for refund does not fall within the categories mentioned above, you will not be given any refund.