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Electronics engineering is a discipline of engineering which deals with non-linear and active electrical components to design electronic circuits, devices, microprocessors, micro-controllers, and other systems. Electronic engineering also designs passive electrical components that are based on printed circuit boards.

In the late 19th-century electronics engineering technically improved by radio and telephone industries. Radio inspired, first in receiving and then in transmitting. The modern discipline of electronic engineering improved from telephone, radio and television equipment development.

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Electronics engineering has many subfields. Here we will focus on important subfields in electronic engineering. These subfields are as follows.

Signal processing: Deals with the analysis and manipulation of signals. These signals may be in analog form.

Telecommunications Engineering: This aspect deals with the transmission of information across a channel such as a coaxial cable, optical fiber or free space.

Control Engineering: This field deals with a wide range of applications, from the flight and propulsion systems of commercial airplanes to the cruise control present in many modern cars. It also plays an important role in industrial automation.

Instrumentation Engineering: This field deals with the design devices to measure physical quantities such as pressure, flow, and temperature. The devices are known as instrumentation.

Computer Engineering: This subfield deals with the design of the computer system. This also involves the design of new computer hardware.

VLSI Design Engineering: VLSI is an acronym for Very Large Scale Integration. It deals with fabrication of ICs and various electronic components.

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We cannot imagine our life without the use of electronics. The improving usage of the electronics devices is essential for a fast improvement of industry and agriculture. The following points indicate the importance of electronics engineering:

  • You cannot imagine a day without your mobile phones and laptops. That’s how much electronics engineering influences the day to day life of every individual
  • Electrical lighting is required for working during the night. With increasing industrialization, a large part of the electrical energy is utilized by the lighting of shops, offices, and for outdoor lighting. Electronic devices like LED bulb and tube lights are used for electric lighting.
  • Man’s heavy physical labor reduced by the use of electronics. The drive of lifts, machines, and hoisting gear is used in an easy form by the robot. Robotics is a branch of electronics that is going to define the future of human beings.
  • Air conditioner, calculators, refrigerator, television, food processor etc. make our lives easy. Almost everything that we use in our daily life consists of  electronic components in it

The use of electronics engineering in various other engineering branches is very clear. Automobile, civil, mechanical, computer science and every other branch has benefitted from innovations in electronics engineering. Electronics appliances add comfort and convenience to the lives of human beings. So, this is our responsibility to develop new electronics engineering generation in this direction perfectly. Join our electronics engineering assignment help service to be a part of this generation.



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•Transistor, FETs, MOSFETs

•Semiconductor Materials

•Power Semiconductor Devices

•Power System

•SCRs, Op-amp

•Logic Circuits

•Digital hardware

•Industrial Electronics


•Electrical Networks


•Diodes and Circuits

•Logic Gates

•Industrial Electronics

•Boolean Algebra

•Electrical Networks

•Communication Systems

•Signal Processing



•Electronics Instruments



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