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Computer programming is a unique field incorporating elements of arts, science, and aesthetic appeal. A student needs to acquaint himself with math and science concepts as well as humanities to be able to write revolutionary computer programs. It is a highly competitive field bordering on mysticism. However, there is n need to be afraid of computer programming as is there to take care of your problems in this field.

Overview of programming

Computer programming is a way of solving computing problems with the help of executable programs. A computer follows the commands that are given to it and runs a program when asked to do so. A program is a series of instructions that are processed by the CPU to fulfill a task. A program is always written in a language that is understood by humans. Computer programs are written in languages containing codes. Students have to memorize these source codes created by programmers. In a nutshell, computer programming is all about learning these codes and then perfecting them to write efficient programs. Large numbers of students enroll in American, British, and Australian colleges and universities to get a degree in computer programming.

Applications of computer programming

  • It is used to develop computer languages. These languages become tools for solving computable problems. There have been lots of languages developed by programmers but only a few of them are universally accepted and used. These are C++, Java, PHP, Python, SQL, and Visual Basic. These languages allow programmers to develop source codes with great efficiency.
  • The evolution of internet has been possible because of development of computer languages
  • Programming is the backbone of any software development endeavor
  • Programming helps students in solving computing problems

Important computer programming fields

Computer languages

Computers understand languages different from what us humans use to communicate. These languages are used to give instructions to computers. Computer languages are classified into categories depending upon their specific features and their use in programming. Some of these categories are as follows.

Use based

Languages that are general purpose
Languages used in system programming
Languages used for scripting
Languages that are domain specific

Features based

  • Languages that are imperative
  • Languages that are declarative
  • Languages that are procedural
  • Languages that are object oriented
  • Languages that allow functional programming
  • Languages that allow logical programming

Following are the languages that are used by students

  • C++ is the most popular programming languages among students. It is used for developing desktop applications meant for entertainment.
  • C# is a multipurpose programming language that is used by students for its diverse features
  • Java is another language loved by students because of its functionality and diversity
  • Java Script is a language that is object oriented
  • Visual Basic is a language developed by Microsoft. It is used by students for developing graphic interface applications
  • Coffee Script is a an improvement upon Java Script known for its compactness and readability
  • Swift is a programming language that is functional and imperative

What is data structure?

Data structure is a name given to a particular way of organizing information. C is the programming language that is most commonly used for data structuring. There are different types of data structure namely tagged union, union, array, graphics, and associative array.


Symbols in a specific sequence form data. It is used to give instructions to a computer. When data is organized, it is referred to as database. DBMS is an acronym for Database Management System.

What is source coding?

A source code is a series of instructions written in a programming language. This code is converted into a machine code to be stored for later execution. One has to learn source coding is he wants to become proficient in programming.

What is debugging?

The act of removing a defect in software is termed as debugging. It is a very scientific way of analyzing, identifying, identifying, and removing defects from a computer or software s that it can run smoothly in a normal manner. There are many methods of debugging such as log files, testing, profiling, monitoring, integration, control flow, interactive debugging, and statistical process control.

Understanding Networking

Networking is a method of connecting computers so they can communicate and share information among themselves. Though not integral to programming, yet networking is a very important aspect of computer science field. Students asked to do networking assignment experience difficulties in network security, performance, structures, nodes, typology, and packets.



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Role of computer programmer

It is the job of a computer programmer to turn a computing problem into software. He has to take data and give output. This is referred to as defining a problem. He then plans a solution by representing this data in a flowchart. The final step is coding where the programmer gives solution to the problem in a programming language. This program undergoes testing to check for bugs. Documentation of the software then takes place with a descriptive analysis of the solution.

Information technology in computer programming

Information technology is a broad term encompassing not just hardware and peripherals but also software as well as networking. IT has metamorphosed all modern societies across the world. Here is how it is influencing the world in recent times.

  • By helping in storage and manipulation of data for businesses
  • By acting as a discipline studied by students
  • By making governments and organizations spend a whopping 3888 billion dollars on It in 2015 alone

A little bit about programming assignments

As mentioned above, students pursuing computer science have tot tackle assignments in computer hardware, computer networking, and computer programming. In programming alone, there are sub domains based upon theory and applications.


Students have to face problems in theory part of computer programming. These theories are as follows.

  • Computation
  • Data structure and algorithms
  • Information and coding

Applications of computer programming

There are many areas where applications of computer programming are being used. These include the following.

  • Software architecture
  • Computer security
  • Computer performance analytics

Assignments are only a part of computer programming. There are regular classes, lab work, and end of semester exams in addition to these assignments.

Important areas of difficulties in programming assignments

More and more students are taking admissions in colleges and universities to study computer science these days. This is because many of these students get lucrative job offers in big companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Sun Microsystems, and so on. However, it is not so easy to get jobs until students learn the basic concepts of programming and make themselves adept at computer programming. Even the great Bill Gates dropped out of school because of various reasons. You have to learn to take pressure of academics, especially the assignments given by your teachers in various fields of computer programming.

Many students complain of short deadlines. Some find writing in English difficult being citizens of non English speaking countries. There are also students who are unable to grasp concepts taught in lectures by their teachers. Let us see how you can tackle such problems in computer programming assignments.

Meeting deadlines

Students have a social life that they cannot sacrifice these days. It is a fact that teachers give tough deadlines to them. However, it can be detrimental for your grades to not follow the deadlines given by your teacher.

Language issue

For students form no English background; it is a big problem deciphering the concepts of computer programming from textbooks. They also find it difficult to move at the brisk pace maintained by their teachers in class.

Code writing

This is the most difficult problem encountered by students of computer programming. Any mistake and you could face flak from your teacher for the bug that is found in your coding.

Developing language for program

This is another big problem faced by students of computer programming. Teachers ask students to do creative innovations in programming languages.


This is another important aspect of computer science where students are asked by teachers to identify and remove the bugs from a program or software. This can be very difficult for the students if they do not understand the basic concepts of programming.

How we can help in overcoming problems of students

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