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We advice all students and visitors to our website to kindly read these terms of use before availing any of our services. The pronouns we and us have been used primarily for Assignment Help whereas you has been used for not just students but also their parents and guardians.

Terms for copyright

  • Content on the website of Assignment Help is completely copyrighted and it cannot be used or copied by anyone before prior permission. However students can take printouts of this content provided they use it for non commercial reasons.
  • No one has the permission to use or modify the content on this website
  • All rights regarding to the privacy policy are reserved with the owner of this website

Use with some limitations

  • You can become a member of Assignment Help only if you are over the age of 10. Those who are under this age can become members through the consent of their parents and guardians.
  • The services offered by us are reserved for a member and any transfer to another person shall be after obtaining prior permission.
  • The services offered are strictly for personal use only. Students are forbidden from modifying the content and using it for any commercial purposes. Your authority for use of content is limited and not absolute.
  • By registering and using our services, you hereby confirm that you will use the content provided by us strictly for study purposes. You also agree that this content will not be used to obtain grades or student credits.
  • We reserve the right to terminate the contract signed by you in case there is any violation of terms of use.

Warranty and our limited liability

  • We shall not be liable for any delay in accessing our services and non availability of website on your side.
  • We shall not bear any responsibility for any damage or loss of data on your system
  • We have no liability for any loss or corruption of software at your end though we do use best quality software free from malware.
  • We reserve the right to suspend services to carry out routine maintenance of our website.
  • Bad links not allowing access to our website shall not be our liability.
  • We undertake to carry out revisions if the students get poor grades from his teacher.
  • However, there will be no refunds as we treat content as a product and we cannot take back a product once it has been used.

Policy regarding refund and revision

Read our policy regarding revisions and refund under the relevant section

Privacy policy

Please go to our privacy policy section


We reserve the right to charge fees according to the use of services by students


If a part of our service is not enforceable or applicable, the remaining parts of the service should remain unaffected and enforceable.


We can terminate a part or whole service at any point of time.


We reserve the right to make changes in the terms of use of our services at any time without giving any notice. In cse of a dispute, it is the latest version of our terms of use that shall supersede any previous terms of use.

Full agreement

The terms of use mentioned in the agreement between us and the student shall supersede all previous agreements and terms mentioned on this website.


By becoming a member or by using our services, you agree to receive our regular emails and promotional offers.


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